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How to Help Dems Get the Edge in 2018

It’s no secret that I am no fan of Trump, and with all of his executive orders, it seems that even the Republican-controlled Congress is being pushed aside. But we do need to remember that ‘checks and balances’ do still exist. So one of the ways Dems can get an edge is by winning Congress back. Unfortunately, this will not happen until 2018, but we … Continue reading How to Help Dems Get the Edge in 2018

Blair Witch (2016) Review

Blair Witch (2016) Directed by Adam Wingard Horror, Thriller. Rated R. 1h29m. Review by Tommy Cashman “Just down right disappointed” is something one might say after watching Blair Witch (2016). It isn’t what I said, no, my response was more of a gentle exhale accompanied with a frown, but everyone is different. The film begins twenty years after Heather Donahue, the main(ish) character from the first … Continue reading Blair Witch (2016) Review

Trapped in ‘La La Land’: Review

By: Emily Arias I am a huge fan of love stories.. to the point where it’s kind of disgusting. I’ve seen Jack drown in Titanic too many times to count on my fingers (x100), I have sobbed quite a bit at the Notebook: I can’t help myself. I am obsessed with great relationships. So, when I saw the trailer for ‘La La Land’, a movie-musical … Continue reading Trapped in ‘La La Land’: Review