‘Moments in Life’ by Jen Kent

PART 2. To read the original first, click HERE. Wrapped in his arms, we sit on the beach until the sun has completely sunk below the waterline.  The only light coming from the moon shining off the water.  In a former life this is where panic would start to rise but I feel completely at ease with Landon.  We’re comfortable sitting in silence, something I … Continue reading ‘Moments in Life’ by Jen Kent

Artist of the week: Andie Bruce

Andie, a graphic designer, has been making banners for everyone, but specifically those suffering from mental illness, to spread messages of positivity and self-assurance in a modern, visual way after years of her own battle with anxiety and panic disorders. With statistics like 1 in 5 American’s (or 18.5%) experiencing mental illness in a given year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Health, it’s … Continue reading Artist of the week: Andie Bruce

‘Flying Solo’ by MendyZ

“Now I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds,” she spoke into the microphone, toggling the little nub on and off in her anxiety and excitement; feeling the metallic cold and the carefully etched ridges against her fluorescent, scaly skin. She used to be human, or at least that is what she made herself out to be for around a millennia of time. Time choked in chemical and biological reactions, that made her sneeze. She never could escape the feeling of her skin crawling.

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