‘Moments in Life’ by Jen Kent

PART 2. To read the original first, click HERE. Wrapped in his arms, we sit on the beach until the sun has completely sunk below the waterline.  The only light coming from the moon shining off the water.  In a former life this is where panic would start to rise but I feel completely at ease with Landon.  We’re comfortable sitting in silence, something I … Continue reading ‘Moments in Life’ by Jen Kent

‘Flying Solo’ by MendyZ

“Now I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds,” she spoke into the microphone, toggling the little nub on and off in her anxiety and excitement; feeling the metallic cold and the carefully etched ridges against her fluorescent, scaly skin. She used to be human, or at least that is what she made herself out to be for around a millennia of time. Time choked in chemical and biological reactions, that made her sneeze. She never could escape the feeling of her skin crawling.

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Blair Witch (2016) Review

Blair Witch (2016) Directed by Adam Wingard Horror, Thriller. Rated R. 1h29m. Review by Tommy Cashman “Just down right disappointed” is something one might say after watching Blair Witch (2016). It isn’t what I said, no, my response was more of a gentle exhale accompanied with a frown, but everyone is different. The film begins twenty years after Heather Donahue, the main(ish) character from the first … Continue reading Blair Witch (2016) Review

‘Lonely Eagle’ by Roark Moody

Lonely eagle. High above the endless skies I soar. It gets lonely up here sometimes – But I’m too busy flying to care anymore.   I keep my focus as I weave through deep black clouds             I enter a new horizon but no one is around I’ve ascended to great heights no bird has ever flown             I can see my creator so I … Continue reading ‘Lonely Eagle’ by Roark Moody

A look inside a Chicago Trump protest march (photos)

Today is the day that the 45th President Donald Trump gets sworn in. These photos are from Saturday, November 12, 2016 in downtown Chicago during a large protest march a few days after the election results: Photo Credits: Tom Zmuda Follow Copper Arrow Magazine on… Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest Continue reading A look inside a Chicago Trump protest march (photos)