People’s Choice Awards: the best and worst looks

Actors, comedians, and musicians gathered last night for the 43rd annual, People’s Choice Awards. This year’s host, Joel McHale, brought on the jokes and babies, during the event airing live on CBS by opening with a skit with his cast-mates from “The Great Indoors,” where everyone is skeptical about his ability to host the awards show. Additionally, there were even a couple of firsts during … Continue reading People’s Choice Awards: the best and worst looks

Artist of the Week: Joey Malia

Joey Malia is bringing the word artist from “tattoo artist” to a whole new level.  Joey brings his work to life tattooing out of Darkside Tattoo in Bradley, IL. Focusing on realism and surrealism, he creates complex authentic images using blackwork and subtle color. Whether you’re itching for new ink, or just a tattoo junkie, poke on through this article to find out more about our … Continue reading Artist of the Week: Joey Malia

Possession by Holly Sandberg

Isabelle Armstrong looked at the stone in her hand and examined the curves and ridges carved out due to years of erosion from lying on the river’s floor. She recalled the day she stumbled upon it. It was an event she remembered quite fondly. A hot summer afternoon, searching for artifacts with her colleague Carrie Gill, back when they were both new eager archeologists ready … Continue reading Possession by Holly Sandberg

Raspberry-Apple Pie: For Those Ready to Embrace Fall, But Not Quite Over Summer

It seems like once August ended, the internet blew up over fall. Pumpkin Spice this, sweaters that, all within the first day of September. All the while I contemplate about how on one hand, sure, I am excited about all the fun things fall brings, but on the other, that means no more beach days, goodbye sun dresses, adios festival season, and see you later summer … Continue reading Raspberry-Apple Pie: For Those Ready to Embrace Fall, But Not Quite Over Summer

‘Exhale’ by Holly Sandberg

The sky was particularly clear for an autumn night just outside downtown Chicago. City traffic was on the slower side considering it was ten o’ clock on a Thursday night. A majority of people had been home from work for a few hours, had eaten dinner with their families and made themselves cozy inside their homes. Shaun looked up. There weren’t any stars in the … Continue reading ‘Exhale’ by Holly Sandberg