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How to Help Dems Get the Edge in 2018

It’s no secret that I am no fan of Trump, and with all of his executive orders, it seems that even the Republican-controlled Congress is being pushed aside. But we do need to remember that ‘checks and balances’ do still exist. So one of the ways Dems can get an edge is by winning Congress back. Unfortunately, this will not happen until 2018, but we can better prepare ourselves.

I ran across a site called Swing Left and the way that it works is you enter your zip code, and the site will tell you your nearest swing district and what you can do to help. I’m not sponsored by the site or anything. I just thought it was an important tool.

One less Republican branch will mean fairer control of the government and one more obstacle for Trump’s most extreme policies. Successful legislation can even counteract some of damage of the Commander-in-Chief’s orders.

The two ways we can push-back against Trump is to use our voices when we disagree and by voting. Voter turnout is one of the factors that won Trump the election in the first place, and it’s only through better voter turnout that we can regain our voice in government. Get involved guys! We’ll get through the next 2 and 4 years together.

By Linsey Stonchus

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