The Women’s Marches were more important than you think

These marches have received, from what I’ve seen online and heard out loud, an equal mix of disapproval and pride. Of course, much like with the election, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but whether or not you think we were stupid for marching on January 21, you have to agree that we were heard.

The Chicago march escalated in size overnight going from around 30k expected to 50k. Walking up to the Art Institute on Saturday morning, it was obvious that we had definitely blown that estimate out of the water. We later found out that over 250,000 people were estimated to have marched.

Crowds outside of Chicago Art Institute

After we finished marching, we turned on the news to see the size of each march happening not only all over the country, but all over the world. That’s when it was very obvious that this was a big deal.

These marches were so important because they covered more than just women’s rights. LGBTQ+ communities were represented, making their stance heard loud and proud. Sexual assault and abuse survivors wore a brave face, marching for those who didn’t have the strength. People of all different ethnicities, backgrounds, were there to stick up for themselves in this time of racism.

There was a pretty decent amount of  males there with their friends, sisters, girlfriends and wives, showing their support and letting people know “not all of us are against you.”

I saw a guy holding a sign that said “if your man isn’t here.. DUMP HIM,” and I wish I had given him a high-five.

The entire day was so chill that the police pretty much just laid back and kept the route contained to a certain area. It was peaceful, no matter what some people on Facebook want to say.

It was after the march when I was floored by some of the responses; something I wasn’t expecting after such a positive experience. Just to show a few (kind of to be expected):

I couldn’t believe that I was seeing women on the internet who were against a march that was standing up for their rights. We weren’t marching just for liberal women, we were marching for every single woman, and that is something that they obviously STILL couldn’t get behind.

Of course, there was the incredible number of conservative men who were against us marching, calling us things like “liberal trash”, but really, who is surprised?

For people of all genders who attended the women’s marches all over the country, I was so proud to march with you all. That march was the first step in putting our feet down; an opportunity to resist President Trump’s plan for the “new” America.

Stick together, build relationships with people that you met this weekend. Keep planning events, marches and do not shut up on social media.

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Video Compilation from Chicago Women’s March

by Emily Arias

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