How a YouTuber Brought Back a Short-Lived Soda from the 90s

“All that I want is a Crystal Pepsi, to share with you.”

The 90s were known for its weird trends and products. Food and beverages were no exception. Which is why it was perfect timing in 1993 to introduce Crystal Pepsi, a clear cola. Initially, the product was a major success, but the fad quickly died out and Crystal Pepsi was pulled off shelves within a year.

Like many 90s kids, YouTube star Kevin “LA Beast” Strahle remembers some of the decade’s strangest offerings. What started as another eating challenge for Beast turned into a movement to bring back Crystal Pepsi. Watch the video that started it all: LA Beast’s attempt to consume 20-year-old Crystal Pepsi (if you’re squeamish, this video might not be for you).

Following, was a push launched on his YouTube channel and his other social networks. He even took the movement across the country, scheduling meets with fans as a push to bring Crystal Pepsi back. Beast also wrote and encouraged his followers to write to Pepsi, urging them to bring the drink back.

Beast and That’s Classic even teamed up to create a music video, campaigning for the beverage’s return.

After some hints that the soda would be re-released, Crystal Pepsi finally came back, full-scale, last fall.

It was a very limited release, but the drink was popular enough to do another limited release this January. It isn’t clear how long Pepsi intends to sell it, so stock up while they’re still in stores.

Should Pepsi Keep Crystal Pepsi On-Shelves Indefinitely?

Personally, I think Pepsi would be best treating Crystal Pepsi like McDonald’s McRib, bringing it back in limited releases at random times. This will avoid it becoming a fad like it did in the 1990s and losing popularity again. It’ll have that same exciting appeal for cult fans anytime they hear it’s coming back.

But Pepsi, please don’t get rid of it for good. 

You can track down Crystal Pepsi here (under Carbonated Soft Drinks, Crystal Pepsi, Crystal Pepsi).

Check out LA Beast’s wild videos here.

By Linsey Stonchus

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