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Imperfect Weight Loss Week 2: The Week I Walked EVERYWHERE

So, as promised, I walked to and from campus most of the time. I took it up a notch and decided to walk around town. Photos from my walks throughout this week’s article.



  • Walked every day.
  • Diet Ideas: Starches for Lunch and Load Up on Protein.

Wednesday: Making Better Decisions


  • Clearing Out My Freezer
  • 5 miles of walking through Chicago.
  • Musica

Results: 2 lbs, gone!

Monday, January 9

Walking Everyday

It started Monday. I was ready too late and had to take an Uber to campus, but I did walk from East Campus to West Campus (1 mile) and then walked home (2 miles). It was fairly nice outside when I walked across campus, but walking home, I wasn’t so lucky and braved the chill and some snow. You get used to it though. So it really wasn’t too much trouble. I grew up in the Chicago Suburbs, after all.

Chicago Medical District
Chicago’s Medical District.

New Diet Ideas

Starch earlier in the day. Someone brought up avoiding starches for dinner. So I may try consuming starches at lunch instead of dinner. Protein and veggies should be enough at the end of the day.

Protein at every meal. I also keep hearing about how proteins are usually worth the extra calories for the nutritional value (duh). So I may have some protein with every meal.

Wednesday, January 11

Continuing to eat healthy. Treated myself to some Luigi’s Italian ice. I remember loving those Italian ice cups as a kid, so this was a good low-calorie sweet for me mid-day.

Luigis Italian Ice
Sweet Treat: Luigi’s Italian Ice

I worked out in the Student Rec Center for the first time today for one hour. Watched some videos for class and the Emo Forever (lol) playlist on Spotify to get through it.

Oh! And I walked home from school again, even though I had to Uber on the way there.

Thursday, January 12

Freezer-Burned Chicken

Remember when I said I wanted to clear out my freezer before I made my big grocery purchases? Yeah, working on that now. But this meat has been frozen a long time and my chicken was unbelievably dry. Maybe I should pick up some lime juice this weekend (UPDATE: Bought the juice this weekend. Yessss.)

Walked All Over Chicago

Walked to my appointment downtown from school (2 miles) and then back home (3 miles). No need for the gym today!

downtown Chicago
State St, Chicago.

I was so close to giving in and taking the Blue Line home, forgoing the walk back from downtown but I just pushed myself to do it. As cliché as it sounds, you really can do it and it’s easier than you think. An object in motion stays in motion, as they say.

Roanoke Chicago
Roanoke in Chicago????

And yes, it’s cold af. I live in Chicago, but in all honesty, I would much rather walk in the freezing cold than in the heat (gross).

Music on my Way Home

TBH my playlist probably gets outdated fast. And note that this is not really typical workout music. I’m walking, not doing anything high-intensity.

Everything that Fits in this Backpack – The Wonder Years

Magazines – Brand New

Blue Orchid – The White Stripes

Cake – Melanie Martinez

Reinventing Your Exit – Underoath

California – Metro Station (A little embarrassing, but whatever. 15-year-old Linsey loved Metro Station)

Virgin Dirt – letlive.

Sweater Weather – The Neighbourhood


Next week, I’ll post a blog of my safe vs. unsafe restaurants to eat at during this diet. It really deserves its own blog.

I lost another 2 lbs! So 4 lbs altogether. Yes!

By Linsey Stonchus

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