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Accepting That Weight Loss is Imperfect: Journey Week 1

My first week had highs and lows. I learned important lessons, thought of new weight loss ideas, and had some other important notes along the way. The week is organized by day, rather than subject, so below is a quick bullet-proof summary of the subjects to help you navigate the text.


  • Pizza at Planet Fitness?
  • Thoughts on Losing Weight While Being Fat
  • Need to Clear Out My Fridge
  • Should I Plan My Meals Weekly?

Tuesday: Walked Around My Neighborhood.


  • Headaches and Soreness
  • Music and Movies Watched During Workout
  • Too Full From Dinner
  • Schedule of Meals

Thursday + Weekend

  • Falling Off-Track
  • Lost 2 lbs this week!
  • Weight Loss Will Not Be Perfect

Monday, January 2

So far, I’ve stuck to my calorie counting and worked out at the gym for about 45 min, burning 663 calories. I successfully drank more water.

Pizza at Planet Fitness

Okay. Why do they do this? It just makes zero sense to me. You shouldn’t cut everything unhealthy out of your diet, sure. But it kind of sucks that I entered the gym hungry and all I can think about is a slice of cheese pizza during my 45 min of cardio.

And then I know if I pick it up, it’s going to be, “Oh, look, the fat girl took a slice of pizza.”  (More on this in a second). That’s motivation enough for me not to grab any, but really. It’s like having an AA meeting in a bar. I just don’t get it.

Losing Weight While Fat

Unfortunately, anything you do food or fitness related while fat is under scrutiny. Eat healthy or workout – look the fat girl is trying to lose weight. Eat unhealthy – look the fat girl can’t stop eating. Wear cutout legging while you work out – fat girls shouldn’t wear tight and revealing clothes.

I notice how the people at the desk look at me when I come in. How people look at me when I’m on the machine. I seldom am outright insulted for my weight (this actually only seems to happen in road rage incidents). It’s far more frequent to get a certain look. It’s not paranoia. And it may not be intentional and they may actually be really good people. But, we make judgements, and they’re usually more obvious than people realize.

Not going to cry about this or anything. But I’d like a clean slate as I’m trying to make better choices. Not “looks.”

Made Some Diet Plans

I decided that before I buy all-new groceries, I should clear out my old food. No, I don’t have junk food sitting in my fridge. I’m a college student living alone; I only buy what I eat. And tbh, any junk food in my apartment goes quickly. So, frozen meats and stuff in my freezer, time to defrost and eat. Then I fill my fridge with some new, healthy goodies.

New Challenge Idea: Plan Meals Weekly

Maybe I should plan my weekly meals ahead of time? It’s an idea, but I think it would be difficult to ever implement.

Tuesday, January 3

Wasn’t in Naperville today (where I work and where my gym is). Can’t go to the Student Rec Center yet, so working out will have to be outside of a gym. I decided to walk until I burned roughly 600 calories. Results below.

I walked over 2.5 miles and burned over 700 calories.


I recommend the app MapMyWalk. Sorry if my app suggestions aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but they really do work. MapMyWalk kept track of my time, distance, route, and calorie count. It even offers challenges. I signed up for my first one when exploring the app.

Wednesday, January 4

New Difficulties: Headaches and Soreness

I’ve been getting headaches at the start of my dieting. I’m not starving myself or anything, so I looked up probable causes. It’s likely a withdrawal of something: caffeine, sodium, sugar, water. I’m leaning towards the first three because I’ve cut out sodas (caffeine and sugar) and I have cut back on sodium. This may just have to be something my body gets used to over time.

As far as the soreness, I guess it’s to be expected.

Entertainment during my Workout

I listened to music for a little while including:

Bleed American – Jimmy Eat World

You and I – Lady Gaga

But I stumbled upon Grease on the TV attached to the treadmill, so I preceded to watch that instead.

Dinner Made Me Too Full

I ate a little too much at dinner. I had pasta and veggies and felt ridiculously full after. I didn’t surpass my calorie count, but this is a sign I need to cut back a little.

Eating Plan Idea

After I clean out my fridge and start buying new groceries, here is how I plan to do meals and snacks throughout the day:

  1. Breakfast when I first wake up.
  • Possible foods: breakfast/snack bars, oatmeal, low-sugar cereal (I really like Cheerios anyway), yogurt, smoothie, eggs and toast
  • Add fruit
  1. Snack two hours later: Snack plus veggie.
  2. Lunch two hours after that.
  • Likely will be eaten at work or school, so some eating out or easy meals are required. Let’s be realistic, I will not pack my lunch every day.
  • Possible foods: TV dinner, meal-out, salad or pasta from home, leftovers
  • Add veggie
  1. Snack two hours later: Snack plus fruit.
  2. Dinner when get home: protein, starch, veggie, and fruit (acts as sweet).

Thursday + The Weekend

Falling A Little Off-track

So I did neglect to work out during the end of the week. I planned to workout outside Thursday, but I realized it was ridiculously cold. Same goes for Friday, and there was no time during my day to make it to the gym. The weekend I was busy during most of and my few opportunities were supposed to be outside, too, but again, it reached single-digit temps, so it was not happening. As I’m writing this though, it’s Thursday of the next week and I can tell you I got back on track this week, but more on that in the next blog.

I did not eat very healthily on the weekend. Better than I usually do, but I had fast food and all kinds of unhealthy things and I’m not making excuses for it (again, got back on track this week).

This Week’s Accomplishments: 2 lbs Lost!

Despite a few steps back over the weekend, I still ate less/burned an additional 7000 calories during the week. That’s two pounds! And my scale matched up to this. My goal, despite me telling you guys it was two pounds, was actually three. So I was short one pound of my goal, but it’s still progress. And I am happy about what I got started the first week.

Weight Loss Will Not Be Perfect

While it may be nice to shed pounds as quickly as they do on The Biggest Loser, the reality is, weight loss generally doesn’t go that way.

The last time I lost weight, it was 4-7 pounds per week, but I’m finally openly admitting to everyone now, that weight loss wasn’t healthy. I had a poor mental state at the time, and, as a result, I was eating next to nothing, so of course the weight came off quickly.

So this is my first healthy weight loss and to maintain it long term, I have to get used to doing certain things. That way, I continue eating healthy even after weight loss. Even though I didn’t reach my specified goal, I still made progress, and I can only improve and make better decisions as I guy. Overall, I think my first week was a successful start.

By Linsey Stonchus

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2 thoughts on “Accepting That Weight Loss is Imperfect: Journey Week 1

  1. I had a planet fitness membership before and never knew why they had pizza either!!! I was so confused! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that’s just not right. I’m trying to workout out and be healthy and all I can smell is pizza? So weird

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