Trapped in ‘La La Land’: Review

By: Emily Arias

I am a huge fan of love stories.. to the point where it’s kind of disgusting. I’ve seen Jack drown in Titanic too many times to count on my fingers (x100), I have sobbed quite a bit at the Notebook: I can’t help myself. I am obsessed with great relationships.

So, when I saw the trailer for ‘La La Land’, a movie-musical starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, I figured that this too would be one of those movies where I would awe at their lovely on-screen fairytale romance; one that makes you want to take a chance, fall in love (even if it’s bound to be a total disaster in reality).

If you are anything like me and think that this is going to be one of those beautiful, romantic stories like the ones previously mentioned, think again. The focus shifts quite whimsically away from their romance and lands on something much more important to the both of them: their dreams.

“La La Land” follows the stories of Mia (Stone) and Sebastian (Gosling) as they are struggling their way through their artistic ventures with various auditions and jobs; Sebastian the musician and Mia the actress. It brilliantly shows the struggles of becoming someone in the field of art, music and writing, while also providing a peak into what working hard can do for you (along with the trials and tribulations).

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The movie opens with a large musical sequence on the crowded highway of Los Angeles, taking you to the scene and punching you with pops of color. If you are repulsed by musicals, the first twenty minutes or so could make you question what you are doing in the theatre, but trust me, it gets even better as it goes.

For the haters out there who are too proud to let themselves EVER see a musical, I brought my boyfriend who would have never saw this movie if I mentioned the word “musical” and he absolutely loved it.

Every scene is reminiscent of old movie musicals and in my opinion that is incredibly charming with the lack of innovation of ideas in mainstream films nowadays. Sometimes reliving old styles can be refreshing, and for this it was. A little bit of song and dance here are there never hurt nobody.

The cinematography in this film was breathtaking. Every moment felt like it was a huge production; that mixed with the music made it hard to look away from this movie for a second (and forget bathroom breaks, you’ll want to see it all).

This movie lets you hop on the emotion train and stop at every single station. You will want to laugh, cry, scream, sing and dance all at once.

It’s now been a little bit over a week since I have seen this film and I think about it daily. It has been a very long time that a movie has done this to me, so don’t be fooled. I am singing all of the songs (which you can find on Spotify) constantly. I will be seeing this again, and I suggest that you give it a chance.

The only thing that I would knock about this movie is that of course Gosling and Stone aren’t the best singers or dancers, but their acting and effort makes up for literally any slip. While you are watching, make sure you know that Gosling actually learned the piano for this film (be extra amazed).

No matter where you are, this will take you to the City of Stars.

Review: 9.5/10

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