2016: The Best and The Worst

What a whirlwind. We were up, we were down.. and a lot of messed up stuff happened. A new iPhone was released, but it was kind of the same as the last one but it came in MATTE BLACK which meant that people needed it, meanwhile the Galaxy was blowing up in peoples hands. Everyone was at each other’s throats with the political race. A bunch of new music happened: Frank Ocean came out with not one.. but two albums after we had just given up hope….. AND SO MUCH MORE.

Here is a look back at the best and worst things that we dealt with this year:

The Best of 2016

  • THE MUSIC: If there was one saving grace about 2016, it was the music. Lemonade. Chance inspiring new rules for the Grammys. The return of Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino. ANTI. Black Beatles. The Weeknd’s new album. Plus a whole slew of good albums from alternative bands, like letlive (with some music inspired by our current political climate). And if it’s anything that will be a redemption in 2017, it will probably be politically inspired (we’re looking at you Kanye and Kendrick). Just think of the good music we got from George W. Bush. 
  • 90’s Fashion Millennials got the opportunity to relive their childhood this year. This trend has kind of been building up the last couple of years, with people obsessively wearing their Dr. Martens.. But has finally reached it’s peak. Thank you, fashion gods, for allowing us to wear too much velvet, chokers and plaid. #Blessed.
  • The Cubs won the World SeriesGirl, you know [we’re] from Chicago.” Whether you’re a north or south sider, or suburban dweller, we could all agree that the Cubs winning the World Series was ELECTRIC. 108 years; That’s how long Cubs fans had to tell people “no, next year will be the year” or cry out “it’s not their FAULT.. It’s the Billy Goat curse”. This win reached all across the country to fans who relocated, and truly became one of 2016’s proudest moments. Go Cubs Go.
Nobody was more excited than Bill Murray. Photo Credit: USA Today
  • Hillary Clinton She’s kind of a bada**. A feminist her whole life, she’s been breaking all kinds of glass ceilings. She didn’t break the final one, but she won the popular vote and inspired plenty of little girls to try again for a seat in the White House. Let’s also note that she fought so, so hard, facing scrutiny that we can’t even imagine over her last 30+ years in politics. Whether or not you were with her, we can all agree that this woman packs a punch and will go down in history.
  • Dakota Pipeline WHY IS THIS POSITIVE? Because they’re re-routing it, all thanks to the countless people who camped out to protest. Big shoutout to Shailene Woodley for shining some light on this issue and bringing it into the mainstream media’s attention. Water is life.
  • Trump backlash Free speech and protesting was exercised in full the day after the election. People from all the major cities (and even some smaller cities) met and marched to show their reactions to the Trump win. This election was more important than past ones for a lot of people.. Families were at risk of getting torn apart due to deportation, women were at risk of losing their reproductive rights and who knew where the LGBT community would stand. This election result actually brought visible fear into people’s eyes. The Copper Arrow team was present at the Chicago protests, documenting and participating, and between seeing a grown woman pulled over with her hand in a fist in the air, crying, or the construction workers hanging on the metal frame 4 stories in the air cheering everyone on as they marched down Michigan Avenue, this week of protesting was absolutely moving. Those who opposed Trump had their voices heard, fought back and were not silent. Of course, these protests were heavily criticized, some calling them “riots”. We call it three cheers for humanity. Keep it rolling into 2017.


  • Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party VH1 introduced a great and entertaining show to food television. The banter between Martha & Snoop is a riot and they even host some outrageously hilarious guest-stars  
  • Stranger Things This creepy Netflix drama is worth the binge watch. Well…unless your plan was to go to bed afterwards. If you’ve heard the buzz around this show and thought “no way I’m not watching that”.. rethink your choices and jump on the bandwagon.
  • Pokémon Go This GPS-based reality game created a ton excitement all over the nation. Although a typical video game leaves the player in a sedentary state, this app got “trainers” exploring their cities and meeting up with other players while searching for Pokémon. This game not only has benefits for physical health, but social health as well. While the enormous crowds of poke-masters may have made you cringe, at least they did something that created a phenomenon.. what have you done this year?
People playing Pokemon Go. Photo Credit: Forbes.com
  • Obama/Biden Memes The dynamic duo who democrats will be sad to see go. The brotherhood unlike any other, President Obama and Joe Biden. The majority of the memes show how much Biden relies on his good friend Obama to make sure he makes the right decisions (it’s so adorable it hurts). We were fine with these memes since they genuinely made us laugh.
  • The solar-powered aircraft, Solar Impulse 2 This aircraft completed the first voyage around the world without using any fossil fuels. What an accomplishment! Next thing we know Tesla will have a patent for an electric airplane.

The Worst of 2016

As John Oliver puts it, 2016 has been an uncommonly s***ty year.
  • The election This election was exhausting. If you didn’t lose any friends or start an all-out family war at some point during 2016, then clearly you aren’t into politics. From the Republican side, we had Trump, JEB, Carson, Rubio, Cruz and so many more that we just can’t fit them in (17 of them). From the Democrats, we knew Hillary was running for a while, after she posted that election announcement video that quickly flew across the internet. And then, out of left field, came Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and completely challenged Hillary for the nomination (one that few people expected). In the end, it was just Hillary vs Trump.  Facebook drama, a divided nation, incessant discussions. And everyone was ready for it to be over…until Trump was elected and well.. take that how you want to take it.
Photo Credit: The Atlantic
  • Hate crimes/violence It’s hard to lump these two into one. The election has inspired bullies and hate crimes on Hispanics, African-Americans, Muslims, the LGBT community and women. Let’s not forget the countless acts of violence. Think of Orlando, terrorist attacks in Germany, Bastille Day. The whole world is looking pretty ugly right now.
  • D***s out for Harambe Harambe landed on the worst for two reasons. The death of Harambe was actually really sad and enraging. BUT THE MEMES. Harambe was all over the Internet the entire year and even on our election ballots. RIP Harambe, but it’s time to move on.
  • Continued police brutality There were tons of cases this year of police brutality towards African Americans and the Black Lives Matter movement did their best to bring these horrible instances to the surface of media.
  • A star-studded obituary David Bowie. Prince. Alan Rickman, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Doris Roberts. Muhammad Ali. Christina Grimmie. Gene Wilder. Arnold Palmer. Leonard Cohen. Fidel Castro. George Michael. Even Big Ang and Rob Ford. Just some of the big names that passed this year.
Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. Photo Credit: PopCrush
  • Brexit Basically the European equivalent to the US election.
  • Allepo Reactions to Allepo have been greatly delayed. And it’s still not sufficient.
  • Hurricane Matthew… for not knocking out Florida. Jk, jk (but thanks for giving Trump those electoral votes). In all seriousness, though, Matthew caused loads of trouble. Mass evacuations, major damage. The list goes on.
  • Suicide Squad Sorry, not sorry. This has been way overexposed, and definitely overhyped. While Harley Quinn’s character is intriguing, I’m sick of every girl trying to emulate her. And please… we can’t handle anymore HEATHENS on the radio.
  • Twenty-One Pilots Okay. They’re not exactly a bad band, but I could not dodge them anytime I turned on the radio. They had 3 hits at once (one from Suicide Squad, yay) and there was no avoiding it. Also, tbh, I’m not really a fan of any of their hits. I liked some of their old music, like “Car Radio,” but I’m just not feeling them lately.
  • Pokémon Go Although this made the Best List for 2016, it also deserves a spot on the Worst List. Some players took the phrase “Gotta catch em all” to a whole new level as people became so engrossed in playing the game that they ended up getting injured from not paying attention to their surroundings. Not to mention the car accidents caused from playing Pokémon Go and driving.
  • Clowns terrorizing people across the nation  This creepy fad needed to be over as fast as it started. No one needed a reminder that clowns are horrifying.
Never forget the Clown with the Black Balloons. Photo Credit: NBC
  • Bee’s were added to the endangered species list This is bad, very bad. Bees pollinate the largest number of plant species. Without bees, we will lose approximately 100 types of crop plants. That means saying goodbye to the avocado, coffee beans, and cocoa. Do what you can to plant flowers and other plants that bee’s are attracted to (find them here) even if it’s somewhere away from your house. 
  •  Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Let’s be honest, I don’t really need to explain why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is making the Worst List. Any mobile device that you poses a risk of giving you a third degree burn or is banned by the FAA for flight safety is not worth owning and deserves to be left behind in 2016.
  • EpiPens have steadily increased prices, for almost no reason other than for-profit. Pretty messed up when peoples’ lives literally depend on it.
  •  Brock Turner being released from jail after only serving 3 months of a 6 month sentence for rape  Yes, there have been many cases over the past year that are included in the worsts of 2016. However, this case told us that sexual assault on another human being is not a violation of the victim’s rights, but solely a mistake of the culprit. Additionally, this case is a drastic example of the inequality in sentencing within our justice system. 
  • Kylie, Tyga, Rob and Chyna If you spent any time on the internet in 2016, you most definitely came across a Kylie Jenner article every.. two… minutes. Sure, Kylie has done some cool stuff, like start a trend for girls to get lip injections and then cover those new plump lips in her $30 Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. Then, we have her and Tyga. They were together, then they weren’t, and now they are again. Meanwhile, Tyga’s ex and baby mama, Blac Chyna, just had a baby with Kylie’s half-brother Rob Kardashian (who she also *maybe* fake broke up with for publicity). Making Kylie the Aunt, and potential future Step-mom of baby Dream Kardashian. If you’re confused, so are we, and we are just kind of hoping for the Kylie bubble to get burst in 2017.
  • Goodbye Brangelina This Hollywood couple was one that we really had faith in, one that we thought would make the long haul. But, like most things in 2016, this came crashing down, leaving us with a total disappointment. We will never forget one of the most wonderful couple names to ever touch this planet.
That flow, Brad!
  • Kanye West Hospitalization Disclaimer: This is not on the worsts list because of Kanye’s mental health situation. We think it’s pretty messed up how people reacted to Kanye being hospitalized. There were tons of terrible Tweets and Facebook posts about the rapper being admitted for “exhaustion”. Of course, Kanye has done a bunch of outlandish things this year and even some that most people can completely roll their eyes at, but come on, give the guy a break, he has had a rough year mentally and emotionally.
  • Dabbing enough said.
  • Mannequin Challenge There have been a plethora of challenges/viral videos over the last couple of years. Never forget the Harlem Shake. But, 2016 was met with a new challenge, one where people would play the song Black Beatles and simply freeze themselves to look like mannequins. This was cute for about two seconds, and now is overdone and we are begging everyone to not bring this into 2017.

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