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Hashtags to Follow During Tonight’s Presidential Debate

With Twitter live-streaming tonight’s broadcast of the first presidential debate, it’s only natural that online viewers will want to participate in the conversation online. Copper Arrow is gearing up to live-tweet the event, so it’s important to keep in mind the hashtags users are going to be using.

Copper Arrow’s most anticipated debate hashtags are as follows:

#Debates and #Debates2016

These are the Twitter official hashtags for the event. The platform announced this a few days ago, so expect plenty of accounts to be using this tag throughout the debate.


This tag is one of the current trending Twitter topics; a great way to jump into the conversation

#Security and #SecuringAmerica

In light of recent terror incidents, the security of the nation is on a lot of people’s minds. Henceforth, it is one of the three main topics of the debate- titled “Securing America.”

#AmericasDirection and #AchievingProsperity

Both hashtags are the two other main topics of tonight’s debate. Expect to see those hashtags floating around as everyone offers their input.


For some political humor, means, and satire, check out this trending hashtag.

#Trump and #DonaldTrump

Not exactly a shocker, but using these tags will help you discover how the internet is feeling about this candidate’s performance at the debate.

#Hillary, #Hillary2016, #HillaryClinton, and #Clinton

Learn how other users are feeling about the dem nominee.


Get a glimpse at who is on Hillary’s side with her most memorable hashtag.


Look for this fun hashtag in support of Hillary.


A hashtag that plays on #ImWithHer.


Alternatively, learn who is team Trump with the above.

#Trump2016, #VoteTrump2016, #AlwaysTrump,  and #TrumpTrain

A couple more hashtags to get insight on how other citizens are feeling about Trump.

#NeverTrump and #NeverHillary

If you’re feeling brave enough to check out some of the more negative Tweets, these tweets are a good place to start.

#GOP and #Republicans

Hear what others have to say about this political party.


Look for the opinions of this opposing party.

#Liberal and #Liberals

Interestingly, ‘liberal’ hashtags are used in place of #democrats quite frequently.

Twitter Discussion Tips

  1. Be respectful: With such divisive candidates, it’s difficult not to feel passionately and get in a nasty debate. Focus on your factual arguments for your favorite candidate, rather than personal attacks on users that disagree.
  2. Be open-minded: Being open-minded helps you to be more respectful in your discussions. Hear what others have to say. It’s okay to disagree, but don’t shut them down before they’ve had a chance to speak.
  3. Avoid topics you know little about: If you don’t know enough about a topic, proceed with caution before posting. If you’re ill-informed, you may misinform and confuse others, turning it into a cycle of ignorance. Also, this is where some arguments turn nasty because people often don’t like to admit they’re wrong, particularly on a public forum. As a result, unnecessary arguments escalate.
  4. Pay attention to your sources: Make sure any sources you use for facts and arguments are credible. Stories that have little, no, or un-credible proof hurt your argument. Make sure to verify where your information is coming from. Further, this goes hand-in-hand with number 3; your misinformation will misinform others.
  5. Have some thick skin: Just because you take the high-road in your political discussions, doesn’t mean everyone else will. If others are attacking you online, just stick to politics; they’ll look bad and you won’t. If someone is really persistent and/or nasty, block them.

Be sure to check out Copper Arrow’s Twitter tonight, 8 PM CT; we will be live-tweeting the debate.

by Linsey Stonchus

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