Brew at the Bridge 2016

The Brew at the Bridge took place on Saturday, September 17th at the Hudson Crossing Park in Oswego (across from Tap House Grill and along the Fox river) from 1-7 PM. For $20, you were given a commemorative beer tasting glass, 5 tastings of the craft beers of your choice and 3 tastings of the home breweries; a good deal, especially if you went to one of the tents that filled the glass to the top.

After living in Oswego, Illinois (mostly) my entire life, I have never really been to any festival other than Prairie Fest; mainly because none of them intrigued me enough.


Being the millennial that I am, there is nothing that grabs my attention more than the words “craft” and “brew”, especially when those words are thrown together in perfect harmony. So, the Brew at the Bridge was an opportunity to actually participate in a hometown event, and I honestly had a great time.

We tasted a lot of them, and of course..there were a few breweries that really stood out to us.

Werk Force Brewing Co. 

If you are ever in Plainfield, IL, be sure to stop by this brewery to try some of the most delicious craft beer you’ve ever had. It was our first time ever trying their stuff, and we were blown away by how perfect their tasting selections were. Our heart, however, went to their ‘Werktoberfest’. Not only was their beer amazing, but so were their attitudes, which made the experience all the better. They definitely earned our #1 spot of the day.

Check out their..
Website and Instagram

The Werk Force Brewing Co. Crew

Virtue Cider

Sometimes I have to give in to my apple cider cravings, so I did, and I wasn’t disappointed. Their cider was perfect, (made with real Michigan apples) not too sweet and was the perfect fall beverage. The only downfall was that the bees absolutely loved it too. Highly recommend checking them out if you are an apple type of guy/gal.

Website and Instagram


Of course, we weren’t the only judges of the day. The festival had a table set up where you could vote by placing a dollar in a milk jug for your favorite breweries, which we thought was a nice touch. We didn’t stay long enough to hear who won, but congratulations to whoever did.


It’s nice to see a community event that people from Oswego actually want to go to, and I hope that there are more things like this in the future to bring everyone together.

Can’t wait for the Brew at the Bridge 2017!

by Emily Arias

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