Introducing.. Copper Arrow Book Club + September Book of the Month

Hello readers and followers!

After taking a break to figure things out with our site, we are officially going to be returning. With our return comes an exciting new announcement..


We are all avid readers and we figured that instead of just reviewing the book for you all, we wanted you guys to be a part of our discussions. So, if you love to read, love to chat and don’t have the time for in-person-social-interaction, then this is the book club for you.

If you didn’t already guess from the featured image of this article…

the September book of the month will be Diary of an Oxygen Thief by Anonymous. You can buy it HERE for a pretty good price.

So, here is how the book club will work:

  1. Welcome yourself to the club by hash-tagging a photo on Instagram or Twitter with #CopperArrowBookClub (or you can comment on this post to let us know you are in!)
  2. You have the entire month to finish our chosen book. Soak it in, feel the words, take your time.
  3. At the end of the month, we will make a post (either visual, or audio) of what we thought of the book! Don’t worry we won’t hold back.
  4. We, of course, then want you club members, followers, viewers, to respond in the comment section with your thoughts (be as descriptive and crazy as you want).
  5. Of the commenters, we will randomly select one of you to win the following months book!

We are very excited to begin this and hope that some of you will want to try it along with us.

Feel free to invite your friends, family or anyone who likes a good read.


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