Shows with a Strong Female Lead You Should Be Watching


Netflix. Everybody loves it and everybody knows it. Netflix has garnered and created some of the best television shows with female leads, from funny to heartbreaking to serious girl crushes, here are eight shows that are currently on Netflix that you should be watching.



Recently widowed suburban queen Nancy Botwin, begins growing and selling weed to support her two young sons after her husbands sudden death. The show follows her as she attempts to be a good Mom while juggling her secret drug distribution business.  It’s hilarious, sad and will make you want an iced coffee. (All eight seasons are on Netflix)


THE 100

97 years after an atomic fallout 100 criminal adolescents are sent from a united space station called the Ark to determine if Earth is suitable for human life. They face many challenges like food and water but they didn’t expect the biggest challenge of all; they are not alone. The show has an impeccable female cast with many in leadership roles throughout the show. I personally just finished this show and I would highly recommend.



If you have read my bio in the about the writers tab (which you can find here) than you probably know that Leslie Knope is my IDOL. This show films the regular antics of the Pawnee Parks and Rec office, from their crazy pony obsession to TREAT YO SELF day, you will find everything you’ve ever needed in this seven season long sitcom.



Jane, the product of a teen pregnancy, vows to never repeat her Mothers mistakes by staying a virgin until her wedding day. At 23 her life is on a steady track, she attends college to become a teacher and is engaged to supportive detective Michael. A routine visit to the gynecologist turns her life upside down when she is accidentally artificially inseminated with her bosses child. The show gets even crazier in hilarious novella fashion.



Jessica Jones follows Marvels resident private eye. After months of being held captive by mind control villian Kilgrave, Jessica frees herself only to be met with severe PTSD and alcohol usage. She stays steadily sane, working for clients finding missing people and cheating spouses. Through out the show the threat of Kilgrave becomes more prevalent and Jessica must fight to stop him. A Netflix original I would recommended to everyone, action, drama, and Krysten Ritter all rolled into one.



Young Queen of Scotland Mary Stuart travels to France after a threat to her life at the convent where she is hidden. She goes to France hoping to secure her longtime engagement to Prince Frances. Mary is met with political opposition and finds herself drawn to Frances illegitimate brother Bash despite her best efforts. Reign was nominated for Female Breakout Star and is an amazing historic show that is on Netflix now.



Joyous and determined Kimmy spent years believing that the there was nothing left on Earth, until she is pulled from the underground bunker she was being held captive in. Her and the other members of the bunker are greeted by news crews and a perfectly in tact world. Ecstatic with new found freedom she is determined to make her way in New York city. She lives with eccentric singer Titus and learns the ins and outs of her new life. Also a Netflix original! Seasons 1 and 2 now on Netflix.



OITNB begins following the story of recently convicted Piper Chapman but shows the stories of many of the convicts. With an all female cast this Netflix original has been a huge hit all over America as it follows the life and tragedies of women we can all understand and relate to. There are currently three seasons of the award winning show on Netflix, and as someone who has watched it is a great show everyone should learn from.


Written by: Jasmine Woodward



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