Cat Fight

By: Emily Arias

The internet is not a friendly place for women. Even a comment on your photo, one that you worked for a half hour to perfect, can turn your world upside down. You get “cute” from close friends, when other girls get heart eye emojis from strangers.

Comments, likes, and shares rule our lives. Women essentially battle to the death for more attention. For those of us who grew up in the age of social media, we have always spent time perfecting our selfies for a little bit of self-assurance from strangers and “friends”.

Myspace turned to Facebook. Facebook turned to Twitter. Twitter turned to Instagram. Instagram to Snapchat.

A photo-obsessed society creating a toxic way of thinking when women look in the mirrors, or at each other. Thoughts like: “She could really lose a few.” “This girl is wearing way too much makeup.” Internalized thoughts turned to externalized treatment towards our fellow females. It’s become a jungle of “how good do you look” and “do you have enough followers”.

When will enough be enough.




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