Artist of the Week: Worth LaRose

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Worth LaRose is a 21 year old sketch artist from the small town of Maypearl, Texas. She currently studies Art and Technology at the University of Texas in Dallas. She works hard at her local Apple store and in her free time enjoys attending, and playing at open mics.

How long have you been drawing for? 

My parents tell me I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil. Apparently it was an every day activity for me!


What is your creative process like? 

Most of my pieces these days are based on photos that I pull from the internet. I’ve always had a fascination with feminine faces and figures, so that’s what normally catches my eye when I’m scrolling through Instagram or Tumblr. As soon as I see a photo portrait or something of the like, I immediately find that subject’s social media and start sketching. A lot of times, especially lately, I get the most work done while I’m listening to a lecture in class. Sketching is vital for me to stay awake.

I am the QUEEN of starting pieces and never working to get them done. My sketchbooks are filled with under sketches and faces without a head and other things of the like.


Who is your favorite artist?

I have quite a few! I follow plenty of people on Instagram and am inspired daily. A few of my favorites are Charlie Bowater, Stephanie Pepper, Katelyn Cormier, Kelsey Beckett, Leslie Hung, and Benjamin Bjorkland. There are SO many more, but I’ll save that novel for another day.

Where do you draw your inspiration and passion from?

When I first began actively creating art, my biggest inspiration was (and I still is) my mother, Lynn. She is an incredible painter that improves every day and continues to not only improve her own work, but encourage me to keep bettering myself. (As an artist, musician, AND a person.)


What made you choose sketch as your medium, and do you enjoy any other mediums such as painting or sculpting?

Drawing helps me listen and think. It’s something that I normally do while multitasking as I mentioned above. I found that I felt the need to draw the most while in class, and the easiest way to do that without getting in trouble was with a pencil and paper. The only thing with that is that I rely very heavily on my eraser. I’m not very thoughtful with my line work so I’m erasing unwanted lines just about 30% of the time.

I did oil painting when I was much younger, and was actually pretty decent at it. Since then I haven’t touched it, but I’ve attempted to pick up watercolor, acrylic, and gouache. I wouldn’t say I’m good at any of them, but I’ll be taking a painting class in the fall, so I’m ecstatic to learn!

Outside of that, digital art holds an important place in my heart. My parents bought me a Wacom tablet for my 10th birthday and ever since then, Photoshop has been my best friend. Though I don’t have as much time to pull out my computer and tablet these days, it’s a great skill to have when doing freelance logos, T-shirt designs, and other digital work.

Fun fact: I thought I could be a sculptor for like a week when I was 16, so I bought 25 lbs of clay online, along with some sculpting tools. I now have 24.9 lbs of untouched clay sitting in my closet at my parents house.


What drawing on your Instagram has gotten the most attention? (Likes/shares/comments)

Before I ever had any kind of following, I did a sketch/watercolor of a Viner that I followed, Kennedy Grace. (This was around the end of 2014) She reposted it and all of the sudden, I received a ton of likes, comments, followers, and messages. Though just over 5k followers isn’t a lot to most people, I never even thought I’d get close to that, and I’m incredibly thankful for all the support.


How long does one drawing take?

It always depends! Sometimes I can begin and finish a portrait sketch within one class (an hour and 15 minutes), or it may take a whole day at school to get it done! It normally depends on the size and complexity (obviously). When it comes to commissioned work, I may pick one up and set it aside quite a few times in a week.


Bonus Question: Is your real name Worth?

Yep! I was named after my uncle. I used to hate it… but as I’ve grown older, its probably one of my favorite things about myself.

If you’d like to see more of Worth (there is so much more amazing art work to be seen) follow her on her art Instagram here or her personal Instagram here. You can also commission a drawing through her by emailing Thank you so much Worth for agreeing to be our very first Artist of the Week! Let us know what you think by liking or commenting below!


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