10 Days in June You Can’t Miss

By: Emily Arias

As if June isn’t already great enough, we are here to remind you of some of the best days it has to offer this year. Let these national days hold you over until the 4th of July.

June 1st: National Go Barefoot Day

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Start the month off right by not wearing any shoes. This day is a proclamation to all that we just don’t care about rules anymore; summer has arrived. Aside from this being a great day to pull of a hippie vibe, you will also be raising awareness for underpriveleged children around the globe. Do the world some good and ditch your shoes today.

June 3rd: National Repeat Day

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Bueller? Bueller? Take advantage of anything you want to do more than once today. If that means annoying your friends singing the same song over and over, or eating two hot fudge sundaes.

June 4th-National Cheese Day

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Is there a day more made for America? If you aren’t already planning your trip to the nearest liquid cheese machine, think of how you can turn your entire day into a cheese fiesta for you and some friends.

June 11th- National Rosé Day

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If you think this is about the flower, look again. Pop yourself a bottle of some fine Rosé and sip the night away.

June 15th- Nature Photography Day


Leave your comfort zone for a day and go find your nearest national or state park to capture some great photos. Aside from having something to look back on, you can also experience something beautiful.

June 16th – National Fudge Day

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What the fudge. Calories don’t matter in June, right? Make this day even more fun by baking your own homemade fudge. Here is a recipe: click here

June 18th- National Splurge Day

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Treat yo self! Go out and book a cruise, buy some new threads, invest in a tiny house.. spend on whatever you normally wouldn’t. Don’t let Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle down.

June 21st – National Daylight Appreciate Day

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Do as much as you can today! It’s the longest day of the year and you need to make it count. Go on a super long, adventerous hike or plan a day trip somewhere you’ve never been.

June 26th- National Take Your Dog to Work Day

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Easily the best day of the month (unless you’re a cat person). Could this just be everyday? Bring your pooch for a day in the life of you. Maybe make them wear some business casual clothes for some added cute. Beware: your fellow employees will want him/her to come back every day.

June 30th: -National Meteor Watch Day

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End the month right by finding the darkest spot you can and staring up at the sky. Enjoy the earth as it shoots some bright meteors through the sky. Grab your boo or your bros and kick it in the back of a pickup.

Be sure to post how you are celebrating these days with the hashtag #copperarrow.

Let us know in the comments which day you are most excited for!


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